13 Great Ideas to do with your Tricky Pete

It's almost that time of year when Tricky Pete comes out of hiding and starts to steal the candy around your house.  He also will be pulling plenty of pranks too this year.  If you need a couple ideas to do with your Tricky Pete here are 13... 

1. Hiding in the fridge and drawing jack-o-lantern faces on the fruit.

2. Make an easy Halloween Costume.  

3. Make Candy Corn Angels


4. Paint with Tricky Pete

5. Play with your Elf friends.

6. Have a cup of Candy Coffee

7.  Have a little accident.

8.  Puke up broccoli 

9.  Bungee from the Birdhouse

10.  Please draw me a pumpkin.

11. More fun with your elf friends


12. Share Candy Corn

13. Or Don't Share the Candy Corn

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