The History of Tricky Pete

history of Tricky Pete

Tricky Pete First Discovered

Tricky Pete was first discovered by Connie the butter churner in 1873.  He was found stealing the candy out of the local general store.  He ventured on the Oregon trail where he died of dysentery.


World War II

Tricky Pete made a comeback during WW2.  He was first discovered in Times Square when the sailors returned from overseas.  Time Square had a lot of taffy then, but not too much candy corn.



During the early 70's Tricky Pete tried out his skills in being a boxing manager.  Since he never fought, boxed, or managed he failed miserably.  He did find a lot of candy though.


The Moon

Tricky Pete decided that there must be some good candy on the moon.  He hitched a ride with Neil Armstrong and landed on the moon.  He was sad though because all he found was a moon rock.

American Idol

Tricky Pete was chosen to be one of the original judges of American Idol.  He had a hard time getting along with Simon since Simon kept stealing his 3 Musketeers.  So he quit before the first episode aired.


Tricky Pete has decided that his best way to live is to steal candy from the public's household.  This is the first year he is available to sit on your shelf and pull tricks in your household.  To get your Tricky Pete Click Here

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