Prepare your Shelf for Tricky Pete

We want to make sure your shelf is all set for Tricky Pete.  You want to make sure Tricky Pete is happy through out the entire month of October or he will steal all of your Halloween candy.  Below are some tips on keeping him happy.


We want you to bring Tricky Pete in your house.  So first you will need to click on the link below and purchase your own Tricky Pete. 

STEP 2:  Decorate your shelf with Fall decore

Tricky Pete loves the fall.  His favorite colors are white, orange, and yellow.  Make sure you have these colors on your shelf.  He LOVES pumpkins so keep them close to Tricky Pete

STEP 3:  Keep a lot of candy in the house

Tricky Pete loves candy.  Keep your house stocked.  If there is no candy in your house this will drive Tricky Pete mad and he will play a lot more pranks on your household than normal.


STEP 4:  Keep Candy Corn Close to Him

Tricky Pete must have candy corn nearby or he will venture off the shelf and ransack the household until he finds candy corn.  This will leave your house in shambles.  So keep the candy corn on the shelf with Tricky Pete.

STEP 5:  No Almond Joy

Tricky Pete hates Almond Joy.  It is the most disgusting candy ever made.  Please throw this in the trash immediately.   If this is the only candy you have in the house he will leave.