Ghosties - DIY Halloween with Tricky Pete

Today Tricky Pete will show you a quick and easy way to make the most simple Halloween decoration out there.  We call them Ghosties and they are really easy to make.  Follow Tricky Pete on these easy steps.

STEP 1 - Gather Materials

You only need three items to make Ghosties.  Tissues, Rubber Bands, and a Sharpie.

STEP 2 - Wad up one Tissue

Take one tissue and Wad it into a little ball.  Place it in the center of a second tissue.

STEP 3 - Cover Wadded Tissue with Second Tissue

Using the Second Tissue Cover the wadded tissue and make the Ghost shape like the one that is pictured below.

STEP 4 - Tie a Rubber Band around the Ghost's Neck

Using a rubber band twist it and tie it snug so the Ghostie keeps this Ghostie shape.

STEP 5 - Use a Sharpie to Draw Face on Ghostie

There are many faces that you can draw on your Ghostie.  Happy, Sad, Worried.  Make whatever face you want on your Ghostie.  If you make a bunch of Ghosties you can make a bunch of different faces.

STEP 6 - Here is my Favorite Face

STEP 7 - Make a bunch of Ghosties

The best part of making Ghosties is that they are easy and cheap to make.  So you can make a bunch of them and hide them all overt the house for others to find.  Hopefully they dont get too scared.

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